Camera surveillance at Wise Group

Wise Group uses camera surveillance as an aid in everyday operations to improve the work of detecting, preventing and investigating suspected crimes and to increase the security of our employees and visitors.

Monitored surfaces

Wise Group camera monitors areas that have been deemed necessary and where an approved surveillance can take place.

The purpose of surface monitoring is to:

  • Prevent, detect and investigate crimes.
  • Ensure the security of our employees and visitors.

Monitoring information

In all places that Wise Group monitors, information must be available through signage. Signs has a brief description of the type of monitoring that takes place and relevant contact information.

Storage of personal data and recordings

The recordings that are made and the personal data that is collected via the camera surveillance are normally saved for three (3) days.

Wise Group has the opportunity to save recorded material further, as long as necessary. This may be relevant in the event of, for example, an investigation of a crime.

Sound recording

Wise Group does not use sound recording in its camera surveillance.

How is the information secured?

Recorded material is stored on special servers with a high level of protection of IT security and physical security, where access to the material is limited to a small number of authorized persons.

Legal basis

Camera surveillance takes place with the support of the regulations for weighing of interests. It is judged that there is a legitimate interest in processing the data for specified purposes.

Is personal data transferred to countries outside the EU / EEA?


Is there profiling or automatic decision making?


Questions or complaints about Wise Group’s monitoring?

If you have questions, complaints or comments about Wise Group’s camera surveillance, please contact one of the contacts below.

Contact information:

Wise Group Camera Surveillance:

You always have the opportunity to contact Wise Group directly regarding questions about camera surveillance that are conducted through contact information below.

Phone: 08- 555 290 00

Data Protection Officer (GDPR):

For questions regarding GDPR and other personal data processing, contact Wise Group’s data protection officer.


Integrity Protection Authority (IMY):

If you have complaints or other comments about Wise Group’s camera surveillance, you can also contact the Privacy Protection Authority (IMY). If you think that someone is processing personal data about you in a way that is contrary to the Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you can also submit a complaint to the Privacy Protection Authority, IMY.