Voices from Wise

Excelling in energy, motivation and pride

Our employee survey is carried out annually, followed by two pulse measurements, in partnership with Netsurvey (www.netsurvey.se). We find that carrying out three measurements a year enables us to examine the working climate at different times and then follow up on the measurements.

The response frequency for Wise Group’s 2016 employee survey was an extremely impressive 97%. Just as in previous years, we were delighted to see fantastic figures in many areas. And just as in previous years, there was also room for improvement in other areas. Each year, there are a couple of questions on which we focus once the results are in.

Not surprisingly, opinions vary from one subsidiary to the next, making it hard to say more about the strengths and development areas for the group as a whole. But in brief, we note this year that the level of commitment has grown even further within the group, clarity from managers has increased, and generally speaking our management is excellent.

Our employee survey asks our employees whether they would recommend Wise Group as a place to work. This question is called the employee Net Promoter Score® (eNPS®), and the answer shows the proportion of ambassadors, critics and neutral employees in the workplace. Correlation analyses then show what drives the question in different parts of the organisation and what the employer should focus on in order to develop further. Here, the entire group scored very highly compared with the benchmark.