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The recruitment of the future

If we can be sure of one thing, it’s that the recruitment of the future is about this: Candidates will behave largely like consumers, and with this comes consumer power. As an employer, you can stand out from the crowd with relatively little investment, making your candidates your leading ambassadors who will enhance your brand.

Start counting how many people apply for jobs at your company. Find out how many have applied spontaneously, how many were part of a recruitment process, how many apply per month and per year, etc. The number of applicants says a great deal about how your brand works in practice. For example, whether your brand promise lives up to its reputation. Unfortunately, surveys* show that this is sorely neglected.

One clear trend is that candidates are increasingly taking the initiative to contact their dream employers. This presents excellent opportunities! This is a target group who, if dealt with correctly, can become vocal advocates who spread their positive impression of your brand. Just imagine if these spontaneous applicants, who for most companies are currently more of a headache and a source of guilt, could become active job agents for you. Just like loyal customers who pass on recommendations to buy from you.*

Relationships are the key! Today, reach – in terms of both what’s good and what’s less successful – is much greater, thanks to the multitude of communication platforms to which every individual has access.

So my advice would be to start counting and get a clear view of the actual situation. Apply your expertise within marketing, communication and sales to your recruitment process. Train those who will meet candidates the way you train your customer service team. Think of your employees, former employees and future employees as your finest ambassadors. With relatively little investment, there are great opportunities to make a real difference and stand out from the crowd.

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