Voices from Wise

Our Responsibility

We feel a grate sense of responsibility for our environment and for each other. Our success depends on how we behave towards one another and our clients.

Creating success through people characterises all of our operations and also our social responsibility where we mainly work in our local communities, providing support to those in need and to young people in various ways. Mentor Sweden, an NGO that we support, works to promote health and prevent drug abuse by providing young people with adult mentors.

Since the outbreak of war in Syria, there has been a great need to help refugees. Wise Group donates money to the Red Cross towards its efforts along the routes taken by refugees. Many employees are also privately involved in charity work, which
creates dialogue and inspiration at our offices.

Our social engagement encompasses many more initiatives such as participating in and supporting research in HR and management. Many initiatives in the field of the environment and social engagement come from individuals within Wise Group. We believe that people who are able to develop and make the most of their potential can change the world.